In 1961 six different denominations (Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, American Baptist) came together to purchase a house across the street from San Francisco State University. Each denomination had their own campus pastor who used the house as their office and meeting space to work with students. In 1968 campus relations were contentious between the campus administration and students regarding Ethnic Studies. During this time, EcHouse was active in the protests for Ethnic Studies as a center for organizing, and even offered office space to student groups that were kicked off of campus during that turbulent time. EcHouse remains a ministry of the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, and United Church of Christ. A lot has changed at San Francisco State and EcHouse since then, but one thing has remained the same - EcHouse is committed to justice, the Students of San Francisco State University and City College, and to the radically inclusive message of Jesus Christ! We stand on the side of lgbtq+ rights, racial justice, those who are homeless, gun control, #metoo, and with those whose immigration status leaves them vulnerable. 

In the 1960's, EcHouse was a gathering place, office space for clergy and student groups, and was actively following their faith into a changing world. Inspired by our history of social justice, today, our house is home to 6 residents who are also following their faith into this changing world. We help foster community with our small (bible & theology) groups, service opportunities, free meals, and various programs. 

We hope you'll find your place @ EcHouse.